Stakeholders Charge Nigerians to Hold Leaders Accountable

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Nigerians have been urged to ensure they hold their public office holders accountable as the panacea to rescue the nation from the current econimic crisis.
They are enjoined to ensure leaders are meant to be accountable to the led, with the Charge of managing the nation's resources with utmost accountability.
This was the resolution collated by our Anambra state correspondent, Bamidele Ajayi on the need to ascertain the state of the nation and identity measures expected of the Leaders to arrest economic recession in Nigeria to rescue her from being collapsed.

Stakeholders in Anambra state have identified the need for the people to engage their leaders to be accountable to them and ensure the state resources are not diverted into private use.
They Condemned in strong terms how some government officials still go about acquiring  properties for.private use, which is not in conformity with Internationally acceptable standard for managing economic recession period of a state .
The leaders charged  Nigerian, particularly, Ndi-Anambra to cultivate the habit of asking state while questions that would direct the government aright .
They suggest a forum where the government and the governed would interact in the best interest of the state development, adding that, accountability in the face of econimic recession would speedily recover the nation lost econimic values to the growth of the nation state .
Leaders at all levels of government are however cautioned to reduce unnecessary spending of the nation resources on projects that would not have direct bearing to recover the nation economy from current econimic woes  .


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