Catholic Arch Bishop Charge Leaders to Rescue Nigeria From Recession

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The Catholic bishop of Onitsha Arch Diocese Most Rev. Valeria Okeke has urged Nigerian leaders to map out programmes that would speedily rescue Nigeria from the current economic hardship.
He said,if leaders would reduce their expensive spending in governance and inject more funds into the system, according to him, would cushion the effect of the nation econimic downturn.
Our correspondent Bamidele Ajayi was at the Onitsha Prisons For the Arch Bishop Annual Christmas Visit entourage,  completes the report.

Most Reverend Valerie Okeke, enjoined leaders to come up with policies that would speedily rescue Nigeria from the current econimic down.
Says the nations has all it takes to hastily recover from econimic depression, with sound economic programmes that would be geared towards human and infrastructural development.
The clergy states this in a mass organized at Onitsha prisons, said government should endeavour to be accountable to the public
Most Revered Okeke also use the occasion to encourage well meaning citizens to join the church in building an up-to-date skill acquisition centre for prison inmates, to enable them come out of prisons as a reformed citizens of the country.
He said Government can do more by improving the prisons facilities better that what it is at the moment.
Also speaking, worshipers at the holy Mass, dedicated to prisons inmates on Christmas day, they outlined the importance of having a special mass in the prisons to enable  prisoners  feel belong to the society and have a change of heart, if given opportunity to be in the society Again.
Our correspondent reports that the Catholic Arch Bishop promised to build a skill acquisition centre before the end of 2017, also donates food and toiletries materials to the Onitsha prisons to improve the well being of the prison inmates .


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