Resident Traditional Rulers Condemn Igweship Titles Outside Igboland

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Traditional rulers in the south Eastern part of Nigeria have reiterated their charge, barring Ndigbo from parading themselves as Eze & Igwe outside Igboland.
They condemned In strong term the act where the respected Igbo traditional titles  of igweship would be exported to foreign lands
He statted this at this year Ofala festival at his kingdom, decried the idea of some people parading themselves as traditional rulers in diaspora .

Correspondent went round major cities in Anambra state to cite people's opinion about the revered traditional stand on having Igwe stool outside Igboland.
Speaking at the backdrop of the need to preserve Igbo culture from being bastardised by some people, the traditional rulers of Aguleri  ancient kingdom, Igwe Dr. Chukwuma Idigo frowned at the act and called on Ndigbo to employ the mechanism that would place their culture in a respected climate in places they found themselves.
He warned that the traditional rulers in the zone have condemned such act and urge the people to respect the position of the traditional institutions in the bid to restore confidence and earn respect with their host communities outside Igboland.
Expressing their opinions on the development, some residents of Anambra state beard  their minds on the matter, but suggest an holistic approach on the issue with the move to restore people's confidence in the Igbo culture .
Considering the affluence and huge respect Command by the Igbo traditional institutions outside the south east zone of Nigeria, questions that remain to be answered were to  weigh  the merit and demerits of the residents igwes's resolution and the position of custom and traditional to be practiced abroad for it not to go into extinction.
Only time would tell on the need to export our culture fir it to be sustained.



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