South East Youths Build Support For Orji 2019 Presidency under APC

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The greatest gift Nigeria will ever receive is electing an Igbo man from the eastern region of the country to be president. For this reason vast majority of the Igbo youths, Igbo organisations in Nigeria and diaspora want to produce a formidable Nigeria president one that will be seen as president for all and not president for a region or tribe. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matters to the Igbo presidency in Nigeria. The Igbo which is the easterner part of Nigeria have great leaders which are in the fore front of Nigeria politics such leaders as former
governor of abia state and now a chieftain in the ruling party All progressive congress Dr Orji Uzor Kalu (OUK), the deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu , senator Pius Anyim,prof Pat Utomi for chief of general staff, retired commodore Ebitu Ukiwe,former senate president Ken Nnamani,Gov of Imo state Rochas okorocha and many others put together can all come together and support one of our own now the wind of Igbo presidency is blowing towards our region now we have a strong Igbo leader in the ruling party APC in the person of Orji kalu come 2019 we can do it ,yes we can. Igbo’s are the salt nation Nigeria and we should not forget what his excellency Orji kalu said is 2011 ” I am not saying that an Igbo man should be president……it matters where the president comes from, because all segment of the society have been president. People continue letting Ndigbo down because they think we were defeated during the war, which is not true… And until an Igbo man rules this country to balance power of equity and fairness, this country will not move anywhere. The eastern region lacks good roads, infrastructure and jobs for graduates and only an Igbo man can get all this done for the youths. Recently the former Gov governor of abia state Orji Uzor kalu that governed the state from 1999-2007 and one term presidential contestants Nigeria joined the ruling party APC and ever since then there have been series of sides talks that the Igbo youths have started drumming support for him to run for presidency come 2019 as he is the only Igbo leader that have the welfare of the youths at heart comrade Ikenna Tassie president of Eastern youths in diaspora made this press release in a telephone conversation from California saying Igbo’s youth bringing out Orji kalu is one thing the youths will never regret . Also speaking with some press men at a youth conference in port harcourt theme” Youths and Their Roles in Nigeria politics”. Comrade kelvin ezedimbu the media spokesman of hope alive group expresses confidence in his excellency Orji uzor kalu to run for Igbo presidency saying that the Igbo youths in eastern region jubilated when they heard that he is now in the ruling party APC and that their hope and full supports are for him alone that this is not the time that any other Igbo leader can come and cause distractions because of money exchange hands, comrade kelvin also debunked the statement made by Gov Rochas okorocha which he says that he cannot hand over power to the youths but he expects the youths to vote for him……! that how old was former president olusegun obasanjo when he first ruled Nigeria, how old was president Buhari when he first ruled Nigeria, they were all youths. For equity and fairness demand a Nigeria president of Igbo region extraction. As the country’s need for transformational leadership, rotation of power of equity that will balance hand and eradicate corruption and brings the country’s economy at his top. The northern have ruled severally the western have ruled, the southern have also ruled while the eastern part of the country have been marginalised and denied power severally and they forgot that salt of the nation is the east. Nigeria needs a man who is detribalised and in my opinion the eastern youths have suggested that Orji uzor kalu (ouk) which is the voice of Ndigbo to the bull by horn from the ruling party in APC and contest for the Igbo presidency in Nigeria come 2019 this alone will keep the country in peace and harmony, we need no other Igbo leader we need no distraction, because any other leader that comes up will be seen as a traitor and distractions to the Igbo’s . There have been tremedeous defect of the PDP to the APC ever since since his excellency Orji uzor kalu joined the ruling party, in his state abia a lot of elites have joined the party Hon Emeka wogu former labour minister, Sen Nkechi Nwogu,chief Benjamin kalu, chief Amaobi ogah, chief Bawas Akwukaegbu,Hon ezechikamnayo former commissioner of information and too many to mention have also started drumming support for his excellency to contest for president as the only Igbo man that is comfortable in the midst of the yourba’s , Hausa’s and the ijaw tribes without any ill feelings. More importantly, stability of Nigeria politics requires at this junction in Nigeria’s history that the president of Nigeria be someone who has the credentials to lead the country, but also someone of the Igbo region because for almost 43 years no Igbo have ever ruled Nigeria not that all those ruling us are far better or intelligent than us . The Igbo’s are hard working people, they are the salt of the nation because you can find them in all part of Nigeria and if you quote us wrong let the Igbo’s come together and shut down their businesses just for a day and see what will happen in Nigeria? Power of equity and fairness need balance itself come 2019 and all hands at Igbo region points towards only one great Igbo leader Orji Uzor Kalu (OUK), he contested in 2007 and came 3rd and was the biggest threat to many contestants, late Chukwuemeka odimegwu came 4th . So now he is in the ruling party gives hope and credit to the Igbo’s at large to drum support for him as the only Igbo leader going for us in 2019. ” Orji uzor kalu has always put the Igbo’s first in whatever he is doing. This is the only Igbo man that always see to the welfare of the Igbo’s in diaspora-chief Emeka c kalu ceo stecoll group of company and also a guber candidate in 2015 general elections in abia state and also abia hopeful 2019 based in Texas USA says in an interactive phone call with him from USA . Eastern youths in Nigeria and disapora have drum their supports for Orji uzor kalu and have even started making pledges to support his campaign team come 2019 for we believe in his words” I am a trustee for a better tomorrow”, and in me is sincerity of purpose and tenacity of service. I am primarily responsible and accountable to the people”. We urge all Igbo’s here in Nigeria and diaspora to know “it is not possible to be in favour of justice for some people and not be in favour of justice for all people”. Yes we can! The Igbo’s can do it……
OUK 2019 in APC let’s keep hope alive.


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