What Liberian actress says about Nigerian men!

It doesn’t matter whether she  has anything to do with Nigerian men or not. But what matters now is that Liberian-born actress, Evelyn Louis, who is plying her trade in the country is not thinking of returning to her country any time soon. She has confessed her undying love for Nigerian men,  expressing, however, that she’s ready to spend the rest of her life in the country. Evelyn, who has been in the country for two years now, says her dream is to make Nigeria her second home. She’s desperately searching for love, if that’s what she means. “I will definitely go back to my country
someday, even if I’m not going to base there. I will be in and out of the country and make Nigeria my second home,”the fair-complexioned actress said. Evenly Louis The sexy actress relocated to Nigeria in 2014, to pursue her acting career. While in the country, she attended PETIT Film Institute,Ajao Estate, Lagos, where she did a professional course in acting before proceeding to another film school at Festac. She graduated recently from the film school, and already, she has featured in a couple of films, including “American Gift”, Marketing Babes” and others. According to her, the passion she has for acting informed her decision to relocate to the country. “ Before I came to Nigeria, I was a producer in my country. I have this passion for acting right from childhood. And I said to myself since I have passion for acting, I should work on it academically. That was why I came to Nigeria,” she narrated. Evelyn said, she doesn’t mind if she finds love in Nigeria. She described Nigerian men as being “awesome, wonderful,adding, “They are  like any other man created by God.” On marrying a Nigerian man, the rising actress declared that  “It’s not about me, it’s what God wants for me. If God gives me a Nigerian man in marriage, I will marry him. And I will definitely be glad to spent the rest of my life in Nigeria.” However, back in her country, Evelyn  said, they have a very negative impression about Nigeria, adding that they see Nigeria as a home of rituals and witchcrafts. “Before I came to Nigeria, we used to have a very negative impression about the country. I heard things like: that country is full of rituals and witchcrafts. But as a passion driven person, I didn’t mind what they said to me. Here, I am today. When I arrived the country, I discovered one needs to be self-disciplined to be able to achieve his or her goal in Nigeria”



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