Don’t ignore red flags when courting – Seyi Ariyo (Shebaby)

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I hail from Ogun State. However, I grew up in Lagos State and it was a wonderful time. I come from a very humble family but we were raised with love and compassion. One memory from my childhood that stands out was a time I used my mum’s toning cream. When she discovered what I did, I was reprimanded.


For my elementary education, I attended quite a number of schools. They are Aunty Nikky Nursery & Primary School, Alakara; Anglican Primary School, Idi Oro; and Community Primary School, Alaba Expressway, Mile 2, all in Lagos State. I also attended two schools for my post-elementary education. They are C&S College, Sanya, Lagos, and Remo Secondary School, in Sagamu, Ogun State. For my tertiary education, I studied Geography and Regional Planning at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. As a child, I really wanted to become a pilot.


When I was in Remo Secondary School, I joined a theatre group known as Fine Mates. However, I officially got into the industry through a marketer called Suntab. He used to live close to my cousin’s house. I later enrolled with Sama A Productions, where I got more knowledge about the movie industry. The first time I ever appeared on set was in 1999 and it was an experience I would never forget. The name of the movie was Aso Esu Beleke, and it was produced by Toba Opaleye.


I have acted in quite a lot of movies but the ones I can readily recall are Aso Esu Beleke, Emi Eko, Ikoko Meta, Itara Ife, Ofin Kefa, among others. I have played a lot of roles but I would like to take on the character of a native warrior and powerful woman. Before I accept any script, I consider my integrity. I also look out for the content and the message the movie aims to pass, and of course, the ben
efits in it for me.


I needed to take a break and focus on caring for my daughter, at least to the stage where I know I can go on set for weeks and not bat an eyelid. The mother-daughter bond needs to be strengthened at an early stage to let her know that mummy will always be there for her.


I started my music career in Cherubim and Seraphim church in the 90s as an assistant lead singer. As an artiste, I face the same challenges that everyone else grapples with. These include access to funds, especially when you don’t have a record deal; getting publicity; airplay; and shooting good videos. The pay in the industry is very small, especially when your music isn’t in vogue. I released two songs last year: Champion feat. Oritsefemi, and Mr DJ feat. Oritsefemi and Jaywon. Right now, I’m working on a love song titled, Abeere. For now, I don’t have plans to become a full-time artiste; I have a lot of movie projects to attend to.


Generally, some of the recurrent challenges that I have in the industry have to do with marketing, the attitude of some actors, getting good locations, and time.


My song with Pasuma in 2004, Tell me why, and my movie, Ikoko Meta. Pasuma is a senior colleague and a true brother. People like him are rare, and I cherish my relationship with him.


I don’t really want to discuss my marriage. However, some of the lessons I have learnt in matrimony is that one should never ignore red flags, especially when you are still courting. One should also always heed advice. Concerning reports that my marriage has collapsed, I am indifferent to whatever is said about me. Everyone battles one thing or the other and I don’t listen to hearsays. If I’m led, I pray against negative news or rumours, and if not, I just face my life and family. I don’t agree that celebrities’ marriages don’t last long; I only think celebrities are being unnecessarily trampled upon, especially the female ones. It is easy to see celebrities’ flaws because they are in the spotlight. However, the people out there also have unbelievable issues that they secretly deal with. They are only protected because they are not in the limelight. The fact is that many marriages don’t last long in the world we live in today and it takes only the grace of God to keep a healthy home.

Odunlade Adekola/Kemi Afolabi
It wasn’t a big deal. It was just a minor misunderstanding that unnecessarily escalated. It has been duly resolved and we have moved on to other productive things. My relationship with Odunlade Adekola is cordial now.

Apart from movies and music, I love to write. I also have interest in fashion designing.

My style can be described as creative and sophisticated. Like every other fashionista, I always consider my body shape in whatever I put on. I only wear what suits me and what I feel confident in. My favourite fashion items are sunglasses.


I hardly relax; I work from ‘sun-up’ to sunset. However, once in a while, I travel out of the country on vacation. I love to visit the beach.


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