APGA​ Will Win South East Election Come 2019--+Igwe APGA

“All South East Must Key Into APGA” – Igwe APGA
The 2019 presidential elections scheduled for the February 16, 2019 appears the main stay of political stalwarts. Speculative permutations have taken over talks and deliberations in all political and administrative quarters of State Houses. This is as political parties have begun unfolding plans against the power tussle of 2019. One of the focus is the South East geopolitical zone.

One of the major stakeholders in the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] who also serves the governor of Anambra State, Willie M. Obiano as the Special Assistant of Interparty Affairs and Political Matters, Chief Ben Obi [aka Igwe APGA] spoke to recently on the new footing which APGA will be placed come 2019. He spoke on the need for the entire South East to be under one political umbrella.
The APGA chieftain expressed the need for the South East to find unity under the political party of APGA in order to harness the needed negotiation capacity against other geopolitical regions. He explained the only sure way for the South East to get to the Presidency is through unity under APGA. “United We Stand”, he said while adding APGA speaks the language of the common man in the South East. “Nke’a Bu Ka Anyi”

“An adage in the South East says when a man urinates pointedly on a spot, it foams but when the urine is spattered, it does not foam ”, stated the APGA chieftain as he expressed the hope which is the  strength in unity.
He explained that with the entire South East states going the way of APGA, it will position the people of South East properly to speak with one voice.
“If we all embrace APGA, they will have to come to us to negotiate. Anyone or group who wants to contest for President must come and meet us ”
At the conclusion of Buhari’s administration, Chief Obi believes, the leadership mantle will inevitably head towards the South East. “ We will not get it if we are not united under one umbrella like APGA ” he says while remarking that only APGA has proven to be the political vehicle that allows for successes in governance as observed in Anambra state  under the leadership of Governor Willie Obiano.
“This success can be replicated ”.
Chief Obi popularly known as  Igwe APGA indicated that he has received matching orders from the Governor of Anambra to spread the gospel of APGA.
 “I am leading the APGA project. We will take the south east and go beyond ”.
 He pointed to Imo State as one of the first anticipated conquest for APGA in the South East
 He also believes that the entire states and national legislative seats in the south east will be won by APGA. “Afa Igbo Ama Efu ”
“The south west have already had their turn at the presidency. At the end of Buhari’s presidency, Fulanis and the north would have had their turn too. What is left is the Igbos ”, exclaimed Igwe APGA. “With APGA we stand the chance ”.

Igwe APGA however invites willing individuals who have interest in the APGA project to reach out to him – 0803 360 0983


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