Ohaneze Youths Leader Absolves Igbo community of Okota-Isolo Election Attack

------ says it’s a clash between two political rival groups

The National leader of the Ohaneze Ndigbo youths wing worldwide, Comrade Ambassador Arthur Uchenna Obiorah has absolved Igbo community in the widely rumoured  Okota-Isolo election attack on an Oduduwa People’s Congress OPC member.
He said the incident has no connection with the Igbo residents of Okota-Isolo in Lagos state, nothing that it was a clash between hoodlums of two rival political groups which resulted into the attack featured on the social media of one Demola in the circulated video.

The Igbo youths leader who made this public at a news conference in Awka, expressed disappointment that some people may fabricate such spurious allegation between Igbo community and their Yoruba counterparts, who according to him have been living harmoniously for centuries.
Ambassador Obiorah, who praised the Yoruba people for their hospitality and warm reception extended to their Igbo counterparts, warned against the spread of Information that may incite the peace-loving people against themselves, even as he reinstates that the incident has no connection with Igbo community in Okota-Isolo residents of Lagos state.
He affirmed that, ‘’ It is unpleasant for people to start getting confused at this earlier stage, Ndigbo are peace loving people, they are very creative and hardworking’.
‘The Igbo and their Yoruba counterparts are all brothers, they are working in synergy for the progress and promotion of this great country Nigeria’.
‘It is the political thugs that appeared from nowhere and started doing something strange among themselves, because I was well informed about the incident’.
‘My people, the Yoruba Youths and elders have been working together for centuries now, the OPC, the AFENIFERE, everybody, we are working in partnership’.
‘There is no way the Igbo people and their Yoruba brothers can clash because the Yoruba people have received us very well, we are part of them, one people in Nigeria’.
The Ohaneze Ndigbo youths leader however, urged people to dispel the rumour, nothing that his colleagues in the Yoruba group too had dissociated themselves from the rumoured attack on one of their members.
‘For a very long time, Igbo investments in the Yoruba states are what you cannot quantify, so there is no way to pitch the two brothers against themselves, it is the hand work of mischievous people who are spreading this rumour’.
‘I want to assure everybody that the incident in Okota-Isolo, is been perpetuated by the rivalry political group hoodlums, who may be doing the bidding of their pay masters’.
‘I want to state categorically that it has nothing to do with the IGBO and their Yoruba counterparts in Lagos state, because the duo are peace loving people and they are working always hand-in-hand for the progress of this great country Nigeria’.
Speaking on the overwhelming turnout of Igbo voters on Saturday’s general election, the Ohaneze Ndigbo youth leader commanded his people for responding to the call of their parent body, Ohaneze Ndigbo worldwide, headed by Dr. Nnia Nwodo.
He extolled the people to believing in the union, expressed hope that the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, will deliver to the people the much-desired results to get the country working again.
Ambassador Obiorah who expressed confidence in the Professor Mukmud Yakub leadership of INEC to deliver to the people their desired results, urged the people to be prayerful and have confident in the country’s electoral umpire to deliver to them the people’s awaited mandate unfiltered. 
‘I want to commend His Excellency, Chief Nnia Nwodo, the National President of Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide, and I also want to commend Igbo people in general, for responding to our calls, letting Ndigbo everywhere in Nigeria to come out and vote for our candidate Atiku/Obi presidential tickets’.
‘I am so grateful that the Igbo community all over the country came out en-mass and voted for Atiku/Obi presidential bid, I am so happy that the turnout was unprecedented’.
‘Our people came out to cast their votes because we know the importance of this very election to Igbo race, our people have been enlightened on this and they all came out en-mass to carry out their civil responsibilities’.
‘I want to thank the Igbo community for responding to out calls, if you look at the turnout, it is three times more than the one we had in 2015, it is a very wonderful experience for Ndigbo’.
‘I appreciate my Igbo people for believing in us and we will keep-on making Nigeria to be one’.
Ambassador Obiarah expressed confidence that, ‘I am missing no words, I believe that the process so far with the INEC, the commission has improved so well and we have absolute confidence in the Professor Makmud Yakub leadership of INEC to deliver to the people their much-awaited hope of effecting the change Nigerians have been longing to witness’.
‘I know that INEC will do the needful, I know before today, tomorrow, results will be announced and they will declare our presidential candidate for the People’s Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Mr. Peter Gregory Obi as the new president and Vice of this great country Nigeria, and Nigerian will be happy and we all will now continue to enjoy true dividends of democracy’.
‘We are hoping that the INEC will do the needful to instill the confidence Nigerians repose in the commission to deliver to us the people’s mandate’’. He said.



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