Senator Dr. Andy Uba, Senator representing Anambra South Senatorial Zone and a Governorship Aspirant of All Progressive Congress (APC) known as the front-runner in the Anambra gubernatorial race, who has declared his interest and support for efforts to make Anambra great AGAIN. Senator Andy Uba’s opinion and commitment to this struggle is partly informed by his desire to build a power station for Anambra state if elected governor, to enhance productivity, generate jobs, mass employment and prosperity in the state, as well as arrest the desperate security situation in the state, attract both local and foreign investors and curb the continuing exodus of quality manpower from the state.

According to #iStandWithAndyUba’s Volunteer Group Founder, Mr. Okonkwo Samuel, Senator Dr. Andy Uba also hopes to use the proposed state police to consolidate the security needs of his state as well as work for the exploitation of the long neglected oil & gas resources of Anambra State.

I think that Andy Uba is a politician to watch. His articulations and deft politics mark him out as one who not only understands the terrain in which he is operating but also the issues that are close to the hearts of the people he seeks to lead. His forthright declaration and support for a new constitution for Nigeria and his bold politics are bound to alter for the better the developmental paradigm of Anambra State, the South East and Nigeria in general.

Mr. Okonkwo Samuel, who has already remarked that given Andy Uba pronouncements and identification with the drive for true federalism in Nigeria, he has proved that unlike his fellow contestants in the Anambra governorship race, he, Uba, sees the bigger picture and understands the wider issues and possibilities for Anambra state and Nigeria as a whole, and is not one of those narrow-minded politicians without the depth of character, courage and perception to deliver or perform creditably in office. But what are the wider issues the Mr. Okonkwo refers to? It is true that when people of different ethnic or racial background congregate to build a nation, they tend initially to be parochial, but they do generally become cosmopolitan with time.

Nwafor Ukeji Writes from Abagana



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