I've not received a kobo as pension, entitlement since leaving office – Kalu

Eminent businessman and former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, has said he is yet to receive a kobo from the Abia State Government either as pension or entitlement since leaving office in 2007.
Kalu was the governor of Abia State between 1999 and 2007.
Reacting to a publication alleging that 108 former governors have been collecting pensions and entitlements from their State Governments, Kalu said he was not involved.
He said none of his successors has paid him a dime since he left office, alleging that his had been withheld.
He said he is the only ex-governor does not receive pension.
Kalu, who spoke with newsmen at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on Monday, said the report is heartbreaking considering that many ordinary pensioners were being owed by some of the people currently receiving the pensions.
Kalu recalled that as a governor, it was one of his most important obligations to see that all the pensioners in his state were paid appropriately and timely, adding that he left the state with no pensioner being owed.
He also said that while leaving the Government House on May 29, 2007, he left behind all the government vehicles and other properties that belonged to the government.
Kalu explained with no regrets that none of the privileges that accrue to former governors have been extended to him, not even the security attache or vehicles.
He expressed disenchantment over non-compliance with the laws of the land by some leaders.
This, he said, does not speak good of a leader.
When asked if he is broke because of the non payment and his next line of action, Kalu said: “It is not about being broke or not.
“The pension laws of the state did not exclude me from being paid as expected.
“In fact, it is illegal according to the law to deny one his rights and privileges.
“Since 2009, I have not received any pension or entitlement from the state government, but I took it in good faith.
“I have earlier written to my two successors in different periods notifying them of how they were flouting the laws by withholding my pensions, but it was ignored.
“If it is out of will to disregard the law, I shall instruct my lawyers to take legal action against the governor for denying me my rights.
“If the present governor cannot resolve it, I will seek redress in the court.
“It doesn’t matter what I will be doing with the money.
“I can channel it into humanitarian service and philanthropy, but the laws must be obeyed.”



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