Sometime last month there was so much media hype and frenzy about APC’s intention to wrestle  Anambra state from the ruling APGA. They with immediate effect deployed their foot soldiers and all the apparatus to register members from all the wards, communities, local govt and senatorial districts in Anambra state. They attached so much noise making to the futile exercise that most of us thought it was voter’s registration exercise. Unfortunately for them Anambra people have long resolved on their rejection of APC as a party. Even one of their registration agent painfully lamented that it was impossible to sell APC even to his own immediate family. With all the money APC budgeted and assigned to that irrelevant task it was huge failure….. No photos, no videos, no line ups flooded the internet to show that their strategy to rent a crowd also was thwarted as Anambrarians out rightly rejected them.

Shamefully enough they never told us how exercise ended. The only major news I read was that APC record registration of 30 thousand members in Imo state. I now ask the organizers of that failed registration exercise tagged: Operation Capture Anambra and South East. How market? APC Anambra state chapter, how many members did you record in your party membership registration exercise? Or did the exercise started openly and ended secretly…. I want APC to know that Anambra is not Ondo or Edo where propaganda can thrive. We play real politics in Anambra and any party that felt they have rigging formula should better stay away from our beloved state. They might have succeeded in Edo, Ondo and other southwest states…. This is Anambra, the land of many Ikembas, land of many nobles, land of greatest African and Nigeria leaders….. The light of Igbo Nation, they can never succeed with their darkness here….

APGA is united, focused, determined and indomitable. This coming election is an option for great Anambrarians to choose between light and darkness, between hunger and abundance, between recession and economic prosperity, between security of lives and property and lawlessness and anarchy, between good and evil, between truth and lies….. APC have shown us what it stand for with position of Nigeria economy today… They have brought hunger, starvation, fear, failure, darkness, recession, nepotism, tribalism, religious intolerance, deprivation, corruption, sectionalism, oppression, violation of freedom of expression, intimidation, manipulation of judicial process, inconclusive electioneering, manipulation of electoral process through high powered rigging and many uncountable vices to our nation… You can listen again to Daniel Wilson’s song titled NEVER AGAIN for a detailed rhythmical expression the quagmire APC has plunge Nigeria into…. ANAMBRARIANS BE WISE…. USE THEIR BROOMS AND SWEEP THEM AWAY!!!


Machi Pius Igwe
Writing from Lagos



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