Ijaws & our brothers don't know that the niger delta oil belongs to the North:

Farouk Adamu Aliyu a nomadic tribesman of Jigawa made it clear to all and sundry that the crude oil of niger delta belongs to the north and it is uniformly regarded as a booty of the civil war and that any attempt to lay claim to the oil by indigenous people of niger delta, would  amount to spilling of their blood again. 

The reality on the ground backs the fulani tribesman pronouncements because they, the northerners were the major shareholders & distributors ,so irrespective of your prejudices and ideological inclinations, its fact that alimajiri  farouk Adamu Aliyu spoke the bitter truth, so instead of beating about the bush or engage in unnecessary platitudes, we should look for a good way to wrestle power from this clowns.

They can't let go without a fight, that is what the fulani alimajiri is saying in essence and it baffles me that a good number of ijaws and riverine brothers rely solely in chasing shadows than fighting their fight.

You keep hearing them saying that Igbos would dominate them and their oil, the oil that belongs to Hausa/fulani oligarchies. Listening to this propaganda, some of them, if not most gets the impression that Igbos re the real enemies, i don't know what they had behind this their thoughts, perhaps Igbos dominated and killed them since independent. This is an aspect that would rile the sensibilities of many Igbos  who are beholden to the universal principle of natural justice, equality and fairness. 

Once more, the oil really belongs to the north and north alone and to fight this out, requires returning to the battlefield as every other option encrypted in legislative documents would be effectively scuttled by men like Farouk and entire north, however, retaining the status quo of eating from crumbs is the worst option that must be discourage by every means possible.

The unfortunate thing is that this oil is the major hindrance to our freedom, but nothing will stop us.c



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