I have Solution to End Herdsmen Killings in Nigeria- Moghalu

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Presidential aspirant, Professor Kingsley Moghalu, has promised to put an end to attacks by cattle herders and other insecurities in the country if he wins the 2019 presidential election.
The struggle for access and control of lands over which roaming herdsmen graze their cattle has led to conflict with local farmers all over the country, resulting in the death of hundreds just this year alone with herders credited with a majority of unprovoked attacks.

While speaking during a town hall meeting in Lafia, Nasarawa on Thursday, May 3, 2018, the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria said it is time for the government to stop peddling excuses for why it cannot put an end to widespread attacks across the country.

As a measure to stem the wave of insecurity, Moghalu said he'll employ the best in the security community and carry out sweeping plans to end the spate of killings.

He said, "Under my presidency, I will end herdsmen attacks because my number one loyalty is for the masses. Herdsmen are running over the country as if we don’t have security.

"We need a leader that will protect the lives and property of the people. Boko Haram cannot kidnap girls and bring them back still you said you are a president. It is time for a new and radical leadership in Nigeria.

"Every part of Nigeria will be represented in my security team base on the virtue of capability of such individual found in such a place. We will go to all parts of the country to find the best hands that will not be restricted to my tribe people."

Moghalu urges Nigerians to take back the country
In a recent speech he delivered on The Platform in Lagos, Moghalu said Nigerians have gotten too used to being cynical about the state of the country that politicians have manipulated it to misrule the country.

He said, "Our choice as a people is stark today as it ever has been: we have a choice between dinosaurs and deliverance. If we continue to be led by these dinosaurs and the people they endorse, the sunlight of our hopes for Nigeria will continue to be blotted out by dark clouds of incompetence, corruption, economic illiteracy and primitive tribalism.

"It is time for all of you who are tired, like I am tired. It is time to make things happen. Time to pump fresh ideas into solving our problems. It is time to drive the point home that Nigeria is nothing without the people  -  and the people need to come first from now on.

"It is time to shake the table of Nigeria's current political class. It is time for us to get off the side lines and come together as one to change the course of this nation. There is no need staying in different camps if we can come together to shake up this system."

According to him, it takes only a dedicated number of Nigerians to show the recycled political class that they cannot continue to rule the country with impunity.


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